A Christmas Letter

The following is a transcript of a letter my mother, Mickey Spring, wrote to her brother, Jimmy Spring Burleigh just after Christmas in 1942. Their mother, Nellie Wilson Spring, died just a year earlier. Jimmy was sent to live with their Aunt Ethel Wilson Burleigh and Uncle Blaine while Mickey was sent to live with her Aunt and Uncle, Peggy and Clarence Spring, in Seattle, Washington. I did not try to correct spelling or punctuation nor show how smart I am by inserting [sic] everywhere there is an error.



Dec 29, 1942
6705 W Holly St
Seattle Washington

Dear Aunty, Jimmy, and Uncle Blaine

Thought I would write and tell you what I got for christmas. From Daddy a swell shenille house coat, and from Winnie I got a real nice watch. Those are the most usefull things I got although the other things are nice to. Boy I sure liked that book you sent me Im more than half through already, and thanks a lot for the bath salts and crayons Jimmy Honey. Winnie and I take turns reading my book, when she lays it down I pick it up and start reading it And its the same way with her when I get through reading it. Well weve got the radio working now and I had It on all morning. Say Jimmy honey please write and tell me what you got for christmas I’d sure like to no. Im sorry I couldn’t send you a present Honey but Ill see what I can do. Well I have some more letters I should write I’m to sleepy will write more some other time.

Loads and Loads of love


PS. Im getting older now I was 12 years old yesterday.