Camp Fire

Camp Fire – It conjures up images of sitting around a reasonably tame fire, cooking hot dogs, s’mores, whatever.

Tragically, Camp Fire has come to represent loss, heartache, pain, death.

Thousands have been impacted by the Camp Fire in Butte County, California.  More than 80 have died and a couple hundred still have not been accounted for.

Nothing can replace lost loved ones.  Homes can be replaced, rebuilt, but the scars will remain long after.

Most of us want to do something.  Sending food, clothing, stuff just creates a logistical nightmare.  These well meant items usually pile up in a warehouse and rarely get where needed.

Gifts of money are usually the best help, but many are reluctant to, or don’t know where to give.

I have a suggestion.

Sierra Nevada Brewing has enlisted the help of 1,400 breweries to produce Resilience Butte County Proud IPA.

All the brewers, distributors, and retailers have agreed to donate all proceeds to help those impacted by the Camp Fire.

Get your thirsty self to one (or more) of these breweries, sample this very tasty brew, and support a good cause, one pint at a time.

I can personally attest to the fine brew at McMenamins High Street Cafe.

Dan Stoe

Junction City, Oregon

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