Mary Naomi Magee

[Originally posted 23 January 2018]

Mary Naomi Magee

My Great-Great Grandmother Mary Naomi Magee was born on 29 Jun1882 in Callahan, Texas, USA as the fourth child of Henry James Magee and Margaret Jane Neeley.  Grandma Mary died in Coos Bay, Oregon, on 12 January 1989.  At 106, she lived longer than any other of my direct ancestors for whom I have birth and death information.

In her long life, Mary outlived at least four of her five siblings, three husbands, and seven of her nine children.

Mary Magee’s five siblings were: Joseph Harvey, Wiley David, Idonia Dona, Alice Viola, and Clara Eveal.

When she was 16, she married Asa Prichard, son of Andrew Jackson Prichard and Lydia Ellen Logan, on 26 May 1899 in Wilson County,Texas.

Says on back: This is our pictures taken on mothers day May 1-1951 Henry, Naomi, me (Mary), Ellen, and Allison. Henry is 51-Allison 49-Ellen 47-Naomi 30 and me 69.

Asa Prichard and Mary Naomi Magee had the following children:

1. Henry Jackson Prichard was born on 27 May 1900 in Big Springs,Howard, Texas, USA.  He died on 13 Jan 1983 in Roseburg, Douglas Co., OR.  He married Ella Etna Pickle about 1928 in Oregon, USA. He married Irene S Wilson in 1941 in Payette, Idaho.

2. Allison Logan Prichard was born on 01 Jun 1902 in Karnes City,Texas. He died on 08 Aug 1996 in North Bend, Coos, Oregon, United States of America.  He married Maybelle Katherine Winslow in Bend, Deschutes, Oregon, USA.

3. Maggie E Pritchard was born on 22 Aug 1904 in Karnes City,Texas.  She died on 17 Aug 1983 in Oakridge, Lane Co., Oregon.  She married Ray Olsen on 04 Sep 1920 in Lane, Oregon, USA.  She married Marvin Dale Jonas on 11 May 1940.

4. Lee Prichard was born on 17 Aug 1907 in Karnes City, TX, USA.  Lee died in 1908 in Big Springs, Howard, Texas, USA.

5. Lora Prichard was born on 17 Aug 1907 in Karnes City, TX.  She died on 23 Dec 1927 in Bend, Deschutes, Oregon, USA.

6. Loretta Eva Prichard was born on 22 Apr 1915 in Bend,Deschutes, Oregon, USA.  She died on 31 Mar 1963 in Butte, Silver Bow, Montana, USA. She married Raymond B Graham on 14 Jul 1945 in Klickitat County, Washington, USA.  She married Theodore John Van Thiel on 18 Dec 1951 in Conrad, Pondera, Montana.

7. Florence Prichard was born on 21 Apr 1917 in Bend, Deschutes,Oregon, USA.  She died on 05 Jul 1982 in Bend, Deschutes, Oregon, USA.

8. Haley Ray Prichard was born on 11 Sep 1918 in Bend, Deschutes, Oregon, USA.  He died on 02 Jul 1995 in Portland, Multnomah, Oregon,United States of America.  He married Sibyle Marie Daly on 02 Jan 1940 in Payette, Idaho.  In 1945, Haley married Viola Lindstrom with whom he had seven children [Thanks to Robert Prichard forthe correction]. He married Kay Dooley on 19 Mar 1965 in Multnomah, Oregon, United States.

9. Naomi Laveal Prichard was born in Oct 1921 in Mohawk, Lane Co, OR. She died on 15 Dec 1974 in Medford, Jackson, Oregon, United States.

Asa and Mary moved to Oregon around 1910. Asa Prichard died in 1924.

Albert Chapman and Mary Naomi Magee Prichard were married around 1927. They had no children. Albert Chapman died in 1930.

Royal Edward Ullrick and Mary Naomi Magee Prichard Chapman were married in Clark County, Washington, in 1936. Royal and Mary had no children.  Royal Ulrick died in 1957.

Four Generations – Arden Olsen, Merideth (Olsen, Stoe) Schiermeister, baby Tammie Schiermeister, and Mary Ullrich. 1965

On her 100th birthday, Willard Scott from the NBC Today Show called Grandma Mary to wish her a Happy Birthday.

Mary Ullrick with grand-daughters Opal and Anita.

Mary stayed mentally sharp past her 100th birthday although by the time she died, she could neither see nor hear.

Sunset Memorial Park
Coos Bay, Oregon

If you have any additional information to share about Mary Magee Prichard Chapman Ullrick, please post it in comments.  Thanks for visiting!

Dan Stoe
Junction City, Oregon

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