Lesson Learned

[Originally posted 27 February 2018]

I let my subscription to Ancestry.com expire…other things I wanted to spend my money on right now and they are very expensive…so I had to find other ways of continuing my genealogy research.

FamilyHistory 50 Free Genealogy Resources was a good place to start.  I had bookmarked this site but hadn’t actually checked it out.

I have been looking for 1910 Census records for Deschutes County, Oregon. They should have been available on Ancestry.com but I never found them. No matter how many ways I looked, those records just weren’t there.  You all probably see where this is heading.  Deschutes County wasn’t organized until 1916.  Before that it was part of Crook County.  I knew that many Oregon counties were reorganized over the years but I had stopped thinking and letting Ancestry.com do the work.  I wasn’t asking the right question and it wasn’t giving any hints why I wasn’t getting the results I expected.

Now that I know I should be looking in Crook County, I can’t browse through Ancestry’s collection.  Not a problem.  Archive.org came to the rescue.  I did a search and found this page: Archive.orgOregon 1910 Federal Census.  This gave me images of the Oregon 1910 Census in PDF format. Good news/bad news.  The files are microfilm images; no index.  All of a sudden I am back in the 70s searching census records image by image, but that is OK.

I will find the information I am looking for and in the process I was reminded to ask the right questions and to not stop thinking for myself just because a program makes the work easier.

Dan Stoe

Junction City, Oregon

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