Favorite Photo

[Originally posted 11 January 2018]

I had originally intended to write about this photo of my great-great-grandfather, Gage Spring.  

I don’t know what happened to the original, but one day when I was setting up my scanner for more photo scans, this image was still in the scanner program cache memory.  I hadn’t used this scanner for a couple years.  In fact, it was turned off and in the closet. Recognizing the image but not remembering whether I had the image stored on my computer, I copied over the image preview of the scan and saved it.  As it turned out, I did not have a copy of the image on my computer and to this day, I cannot find the original. This fuzzy image has been downloaded and linked to many ancestry trees.  If anyone has the original or at least a better copy, please let me know.

Because of the story surrounding how I came by the photo of Gage Spring, this was going to be my favorite photo.

That was until I received this photo from my niece, Tammie. This is a photo album that I thought was long gone.

When my mother, Mickie, and father, Arden, were divorced and my mother remarried, almost all of my first 8 years were treated as not happening; didn’t exist.  My life was severely redacted.  Any picture with Arden was put away or destroyed. No one talked about it. 

I loved my mother’s second husband, Fred.  He adopted all three of her kids and was every bit “Dad” to each of us as well as our two sisters from their marriage.

But I did have a birth father and my life didn’t begin when I was 8.  When Tammie sent the picture of the photo album, I was so excited. It was like a bit of my childhood was being given back to me.  When she brought out the album, it was almost everything I hoped for.  There were still no pictures of Arden, these had been removed, but lots of pictures of mom, my older sister, Merideth “Babe”, me, and my brother, Al (Blaine), and cousins.

There are very few names on the pictures so I will have some fun scanning, naming, dating, and placing the photos. There are a couple of people I don’t recognize right off so cousins will have to give me a hand with the some of these.

I have a lot of photos and it is difficult to pick a favorite. Each one is special in its own way.  The pictures of us three older kids is special because it was a time when we were really close to each other and I miss that.  The pictures of all five of us kids and mom and dad is special because we were very much one family.

But the picture of the old photo album is my current favorite because it represents memories found and the kindness of my niece in giving me back a little be of me.


Junction City, Oregon

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